11 Best Dining Room Styles

11 Best Dining Room Styles

Dining rooms are a perfect way to infuse personality and style into your home. Nowadays, there are a lot of dining room styles to choose from. As you’re deciding on a style for your dining room, here are some options to inspire you. These 11 different types of vintage dining rooms have their own unique charm and all have been used by many people to create the perfect space for entertaining guests or just enjoying a meal with family.

Beautiful rustic dining rooms

Rustic interiors are among the most popular decorating styles. You can create a rustic dining room that’s both warm and casual all the time with minimal effort. You can mix different vintage-style pieces to create an updated rustic table setting.

Cocktail bar style

Cocktail Bar Style
If you’re looking to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in your dining room, add some rustic tables crafted from exotic wood.

You can also add lots of potted plants to create the perfect living room-style setup in your dining room.

Traditional dining rooms

What you need to consider with a traditional dining room is that it must have a lot of cabinets for storage and plenty of room for a large table that can seat a large family of friends. Traditionally, you’ll want to select white cabinets and dark stained wood for a rich look. This space is the one that is most suitable for a large, formal dining room table.

Hollyhock designs are some of the most popular designs used in this style.

Modern farmhouse dining rooms

Modern Farmhouse Dining Rooms
Often called a “farmhouse style”, modern farmhouse dining rooms have an American rustic look to them. Many designers still prefer the look because it is unique and charming.

Cozy country style dining rooms

A country-style dining room is very much a product of the 1900s. Instead of replacing worn-out furniture with new modern furniture, homeowners kept their old furniture, which was not only more appropriate for an early 20th-century house but also great for holding on to a sense of the past. This style is filled with the colors and patterns of country interiors and decor, although it also incorporates shabby-chic elements that have been modernized to be more contemporary.

By the 1940s, the trend became quite popular, especially among teenagers looking for a sophisticated and nostalgic dining experience.

Classic french country style

Classic French Country dining room is the last on the list. These homes are full of beautiful colors and details, with bold furniture pieces, a few large, exotic mirrors, and lots of bright, primary colors. These homes tend to be formal, without much interest in the modern lifestyle. French Country is also great for people who like bright yellow and teal colors.

Vintage farmhouse

Vintage Farmhouse
Want to go back in time? This farmhouse chic design combines a vintage kitchen with a traditional dining room. The big farmhouse-style table is a great place to gather around and enjoy a meal together. You can also find matching china for this look. The table legs are made of concrete and would add to the rustic theme.

Casual style

If you’re looking for something different, check out the casual-style dining room. Casual dining rooms are clean, with no excess design or embellishment. The focus is on clean lines, with minimal accent pieces, more chandeliers, and sleek-looking furniture. These dining rooms aren’t necessarily formal, but they are for those who like a sophisticated, yet simple, aesthetic.

Eclectic vintage style

With this style, you have to be able to find what you like, no matter the color scheme.

Unique vintage look

Unique Vintage Look
For the curious, this style may be for you if you’re interested in decorating a room with modern accents and eclectic furniture.

Swoon-worthy vintage

Swoon Worthy Vintage
This retro-inspired design will make you feel like you’re on a date with a Hollywood movie star.

Classic vintage look

Classic Vintage
To help set the stage for your dinner parties, this room features a table from the early 20th century that sets the tone for the room.

Classic Hollywood style

Classic Hollywood Style
This room takes on a 1940s glamour theme with vintage candlesticks and wall sconces.

Modern retro style

Modern Retro Style
This look allows you to have the best of both worlds with the vintage/modern styling of the chandelier.

Mid-century modern design

This is the style that is now in vogue. It was pioneered by Mies van der Rohe. Mies wasn’t exactly known for making timelessly beautiful interiors, but he was known for using a modern palette. His dining rooms featured a natural wood look with chrome and aluminum.

Wall-to-wall carpet

Wall To Wall Carpet
Like French Country, this dining room decorating style often had an enormous seating area. With carpeting as a backdrop, you can’t help but be drawn into the room.

Contemporary minimalism

As modern as it gets, this design is instantly striking. The stainless steel finish makes it a sleek and modern look. You can go for a more neutral tone if you wish to tone down the design.

Industrial chic

Industrial Chic
If you have an industrial-styled house, this is the way to go. The tin ceiling adds to the industrial look of the dining room while the tables are made from reclaimed wood. The metal chairs and the outdoor grill add to the modern feel of the room.

Industrial loft style

Whether you have an unfinished basement or an open floor plan with a kitchenette, this is a great way to maximize storage and counter space. You can take a lot of the charm out of industrial and give it an updated, industrial look, making it a great choice for a modern industrial kitchen or a dreamy open-concept living space.

Urban chic aesthetic

This dining room embraces the movement of the modern era. An elegant modern dining table or kitchen island makes the room especially sleek and modern. And the cozy, comfy seating adds extra warmth.

Country rustic

Country Rustic
Instead of just giving your home a country look, give your dining room a rustic feel by choosing a style with cozy chairs, painted walls, and animal skins.

Rustic folk art

Rustic Folk Art
Using eclectic wood stools and old-fashioned lanterns to form a cozy and inviting atmosphere is the perfect combination for a rustic dining room.

French country

French Country
A mix between old-world charm and vintage vibes, this style of the dining room is charming and comfortable. It comes complete with rustic furniture, wood furniture, folk art, and accent colors.

Dear reader, which style is your favorite?


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