13 Master Bedroom Ideas

13 Master Bedroom Ideas


I have received a number of requests from people to write something to do with master bedrooms, so I thought today why not share 13 master bedroom ideas with you.

It is said, and I don’t know if you believe, that we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom. So basically these ideas that I am going to show can help you create an epic master bedroom that you and your partner will crush over and over again.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get it started!

1. Dark Wood Walls

Dark Wood Walls

I am certainly drooling over this master bedroom.

Dark wood walls create a romantic feel in your bedroom. The fresh yet decaying traditional vibe will disperse any negativity.

2. Add warmth with a seating area

Seating area in a bedroom corner
Seating area in front of a bed

It’s no doubt that a seating area creates elevates your room, ask your lounge room…

While they are several seating areas, I always recommended a couch for a master bedroom. This is because a couch is spacious.

This usually works in large master bedrooms. And if you have a small bedroom, you can always add a chair or an ottoman.

The best place for a couch is in front of your bed, in a corner ( depends). While most people think that having a seating area in a master bedroom is a bad idea, I think it will help you relax and while you are reading.

3. An all-white master bedroom
All white Bedroom
Have you ever heard of a room with an ego? An all-white master bedroom is an egoistic room. It will certainly repulse any color.

From the white walls to the white linens, this room is ideal for millennials who are also minimalistic.

4. Master carpeted Bedroom
Master carpeted Bedroom
We won’t talk about anything until we talk about the rug lazily thrown over the bed. The ruggedness just makes the room comfortable before we even consider the carpet.

Now a carpeted bedroom is ideal for a home that is close to an ocean shore or a home that is in a cold region.

Add a fireplace and match it with the carpet to make your master bedroom cozier.

5. Focus
Focus Bedroom
Yeah, focus it is. I mean what and how could you define a room with white and grey? The colors blend too well. This contemporary focus master bedroom idea will keep you focusing on your priorities.

Don’t forget the add a huge mirror!

6. Shabby Chic Master Bedroom
Shabby Chic Master Bedroom Idea
This room is ideal for peaceful couples. The positioning of the bed and the walls says it all. Although the designer adopted some sleek design, this master bedroom idea remains shabbish. The lamp provides enough lighting but not more. Just enough.

7. A master bedroom with a retreat
A master bedroom with a retreat idea
Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the sound of the roaring shore? Or to the sound of chirping birds?

While a master bedroom with a large window and facing to the beach may be ideal, you can still create one master bedroom by adding enough natural lighting, and enough space.

This master bedroom is just an inspiration.

8. Adding Balcon
Master Bedroom with a Balcony
Now, this is ideal for a triple or double-story home. The large balcony is like a large opening that will bring fresh air into the room

If you don’t have a story home, then you can add a garden in front of your master bedroom.

9. Add a metal table
Metallic Master Bedroom
This metal table dominates the room. Exaggerating the masculine feel of the master bedroom. The bed linen colors are carefully selected before to match everything in the master bedroom.

If I had to choose this room, then I would choose it over and over again. Even in the third world.

10. Rustic.
Rustic Bedroom Ideas
Obviously. Though rustic is not part of me, I appreciate how the wood is left to display its natural lines. The headboard and the pedestals match too well.

Add a faux flower to complete the master bedroom.

11. Leather everything Master bedroom
Leather everything

Leather from the bed to the stool, couch, and headboard. A leather everything is a classic bedroom style. A once-popular bedroom idea that can be brought to life by you in 2021.

If you are adventurous and experimental, go for it.

12. A country Master Bedroom
Country Master Bedroom

This is something that most Millenials don’t understand. That sometimes you just have to do a little bit extra to prove a point.

This master bedroom proves to us that country style is not outdated. And I love everything about it.

13 Tropical Master Bedroom Style
Tropical Master Bedroom
I hope you are still with me!

The bright colors just warm up our souls automatically. I don’t know about you, but I find this room attractive. The color on the wall and the natural lighting create a special eccentric feel. Don’t misplace it!

My favorite was number 9, a metallic master bedroom. What is your favorite? Share with me in the comment section.

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