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5 Examples of Side Tables (in 2021)

To some interior designers, side tables are outdated. Maybe not just interior designers but to everyone in the 21st century.

What side tables? Side tables are usually defined as an aide to coffee tables.

Are side tables outdated for sure? I did a bit of research and here is what I found.

Around the early 20th  century, one of the ‘first side tables‘ was made. Designed and crafted for a prominent prime minister.

Side tables were part of luxurious furniture pieces that could be added up in a house to improve the decor and make the home a bit welcoming

Why do a few homes have side tables?

  • In the 21st century, almost everyone is busy. People hardly spend time at home. Hence furniture is not frequently bought.
  • Minimalism. Most people choose to own the furniture they need and not the furniture they want.
  • Side tables are expensive.
  • Side tables have been replaced by ottomans.

But in 2021, the case is different. Corona struck the universe. And people spend more time at home (work remotely).

Side tables are now a necessity. To increase seating, to increase storage, and many more.

Let’s take a look at some top-side tables that South Africans are buying this year.

Makeda Side Table

Characterized with deep clean lines, the Makeda side table is a true treasure that every home should have. The simplicity creates a warm feeling you and your family wouldn’t want to miss.

Click here to view the Makeda side table.

Makeda Side Tables For Sale

Bunjee Side Table

If you are a minimalist then on this one Royal Palace got you covered. The brown wood top gives the side table an elegant look while the tall and single-leg creates more space for storage.

The uniqueness of this side table will seal your home office.

Bungee Side Table South Africa

Kingsley Side Table

A beautiful side table with a black lacquer finish. The 3 drawers create more space for storage. The shiny golden edges enhance any interior decor. Even if you are not into side tables, this masterpiece is multifunctional. You can also use it as a pedestal.

Kingsley Side Table

Magnus Side Table

The uniqueness of the side table makes it ideal. Even to the soul that believes in minimalism. The mixture of oak wood and steel will give a touch of luxury to any room.

Magnus Pedestals for sale, Pedestals for sale, nightstands for sale, bedside pedestals, bedroom tables, bedroom furniture

Aksum Side Table

Made from glass and steel, the Askum Side Table is a simple yet beautiful side table. The clear glass exhorts magic that can change your mood.

Aksum Side Table Royal Palace

Dear reader, what is your take on side tables, are they necessary? Share your thoughts in the comment section

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