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You Will Thank Us – 5 New Tips About OutDoor Furniture You Need To Know

Of course, outdoor furniture is one of the most durable furniture you would find anywhere you go. However, this does not conclude that outdoor furniture needs little or no maintenance. In this article, I will share with you 5 tips you need to know about maintaining patio furniture so that it will survive decades and decades.

But before we take a look at the 5 tips, let’s take a look at different materials that are used in the making of outdoor furniture because they influence the type of maintenance that will be needed.

                     1. Woods

There are a number of woods used for patio furniture. Any wood can be used to make outdoor furniture but because outdoor furniture is exposed to different weather elements, woods used to make outdoor furniture have different qualities like water-absorbent, rot-resistant, and many more.

Below I have listed some of the woods used in making outdoor furniture

  • Cypress
  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Teak
  • Ipe

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However, thanks to technology and xylology, many techniques have been developed with the aim of making every wood suitable for outdoor furniture.

Dutch craft(blog ) says, ‘Pine does not naturally resist decay, and it is pressure treated to make it more durable outdoors.  Pine is still a good choice for outdoor furniture, it just doesn’t naturally resist the elements as strongly as cedar does. Pressure-treated pine will last a long time and resist the outdoor elements.’

                    2.  Metal

Metal is the most durable material used for outdoor furniture. While they are a number of metals used for patio furniture, steel is the most favorable of all. However, it is important to know that steel is easily attacked by rust. Hence steel is coated with zinc Galvanized steel and stainless steel are mostly used for outdoor furniture.

However, it is lighter and way expensive than other metals.

Let’s take a look at steel in detail.

Steel has a number of properties, including hardness, toughness, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, fatigue strength, corrosion, plasticity, malleability, and creep. Titus Steel 

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What makes steel in high demand and expensive?

Bloom berg says, ‘Worldwide steel demand will grow 5.8% this year to exceed pre-pandemic levels, according to the World Steel Association. China’s consumption, about half of the global total, will keep growing from record levels, while the rest of the world rebounds strongly.’

                          3. Fabric

Because they are a number of fabrics suitable for outdoor furniture, in this blog we will talk about polypropylene (Olefin fabric) only.

Polypropylene, like any other ‘best’ outdoor fabric, is stain resistant. Whether oil or water is absorbed by polypropylene, fine particles won’t change their color. In other words, polypropylene repels any damage done by liquids.

Polypropylene dries quickly. I am not much into the ‘sciences of fabric’, but this is the best outdoor fabric.

However, polypropylene lacks softness.

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                               4. Plastics

And lastly plastics. In the 21st century, plastic is one of the most common materials used to make patio furniture.

The campaigns against land pollution have encouraged the recycling of plastics.

However, like any other material, the most suitable plastic for outdoor furniture is the HDPE plastic sheet. 

The HDPE plastic sheet is used to make picnic benches, chairs, ottomans, and many more.

5  tips to maintain outdoor furniture

1 Repainting

Consider repainting your outdoor furniture especially when the colors fade out (chipping off or cracking). However, this is based on the type of furniture.

Some outdoor furniture requires restaining.

2. Special care

Special care is putting or covering your furniture according to the current weather. For example, if it is hot/sunny you can put on an umbrella. And if it raining you can put plastic to cover your outdoor furniture.

3. Protect and clean your patio furniture

This however depends on the type of outdoor furniture you have.

If you are in South Africa you can try the SCM group for different types of polishes and chemicals to treat and care for your outdoor furniture.

4) Store your patio furniture away in heavy weather

Store away wood furniture during the rainy season because wood easily builds molds.

This is the same for metal outdoor furniture. Painted metals tend to crack during the winter season.

Dear reader, I hope you gained something from this blog. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of outdoor furniture, let me know in the comment section.



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