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6 And A Half Ideas For Kitchen Banquettes

6 And A half Ideas for Kitchen Banquettes

While some believe that kitchen banquettes are outdated, I believe that they offer the most comfortable seating area in the Kitchen. They are functional and should be elegant. In this blog post, we will style Kitchen banquettes in 6 simple ways. So don’t go anywhere, we are just getting it started.

What is a Kitchen Banquette?

A kitchen banquette can be understood as the raised surface that connects the cooking/prep area to the eating area, where everyone may be sitting. Banquettes also have individual feet, so they can be moved easily to suit your needs.

How Do You Style a Kitchen Banquette?

The style will be determined by your personal preference. When it comes to banquettes, it doesn’t really matter what type of style you will go with, as long as you can find a way to style them that will suit your taste. Here are 6 different ways to style kitchen banquettes.

Styles of Kitchen Banquettes

Kitchen Banquettes Have to be Extravagant to be in style.

According to David Hicks, banquettes are just that: a luxury. But once you get a high-end banquette, you have to incorporate other design elements to make it elegant. Think of the rustic color of the Hermes Leather, the color palettes of Le Corbusier, the distinctive grey color of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Upholstered Kitchen Banquettes

There is no doubt that the upholstered kitchen banquettes are old-fashioned. But they are just too irresistible to forget.

Luxury Durable Fabric

You can go with some classic, sturdy fabric-like canvas for your kitchen banquette. When styling a kitchen banquette using canvas fabric, you can decorate with an unusual mix of prints and bright colors that go with the theme of your kitchen.

Flexible Leather Fabric

If you want to create an unexpected appeal for your kitchen banquette, then you can go for flexible leather fabric.

Types of Fabrics That Can Be Used For Kitchen Banquettes

  1. Velvet
  2. Damask
  3. Tartan
  4. Plush
  5. Velour
  6. Chenille
  7. Felt

Metal Kitchen Banquettes

Metal kitchen banquettes are quite popular as they offer sturdiness and elegance. They are also easily available.

Wooden Kitchen Banquettes

Wooden Banquettes will always remain my favorite. Wooden Kitchen Banquettes have handsome masculinity.  They are built into the wall, aptly covered by records.

Kitchen Banquette Styles


Formal Style

Formal Style doesn’t mean a one look/color banquette!

For example,

Banquette Style with Floral Textures

Pantone Color trends call for more purple and soft pink. I love this way of bringing a romantic touch in any space, but especially in the kitchen. It is not just the flowers, it is also the rose-colored glass and the material.

Rustic Style

If you want to make a simple but elegant feel to your kitchen banquette, do it with a touch of rustic styles.

Casual Style

Let’s start with this casual look. A big comfy banquette was laid next to the window. The large window gives a good nature view lets your imagination run wild.


Kitchen banquettes will allow you to get your restaurant experience in your kitchen. They allow the eating area to be much larger and allow more seating and party functions.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.



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