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About us

Royal Palace is a harbor for quality, affordable and durable home and office furniture.

What we do

Royal Palace is a place where we brew African aristocracy, European nobility, Asian royalty, American modernism, Oceanian creativity, and Antarctican love. 

We are both an online furniture shop and a brick-and-mortar furniture shop. Royal palace is a spot where a team of artists and carpenters express their creative ideas, guided by legendary norms and values. And not forgetting the modern style.

We cook together our ideas and bring them to life. Royal Palace creates top-notch furniture that includes:

  • Bedroom suites
  • Dining suites
  • Office furniture
  • Wall decoration

We are dedicated to provide unique quality furniture and zip our zeal for a creative world.

Our history

The history of the Royal Palace started long and will never end. Royal Palace was birthed by ordinary individuals that chose to provide South Africa with exceptional furniture. We celebrate the 18th, 19th, 20th century most prominent figures like Mansa Musa and many more by creating classic furniture and naming it after them.

We aim at inspiring the current generation by commemorating our forefathers who did exceptional work for the community. Through our vibrant forefathers, we have learned respect, familiarity, good leadership skills. And we have discovered who we are.

That is why in 2012, Royal Palace was born. And till today, it has spiced creativity to a high extent that we can combine aristocracy and modernism.

We honor craftsmen (carpenters, artists) who are looked down upon by giving them a space to proclaim and shape extraordinary furniture.

Who do we make the furniture for?

Royal palace makes furniture for Royalties. We produce exceptional furniture for South Africans who wish to escape reality and live in creativity. Royal Palace furniture is for;

  • Royal Palace makes furniture for the kings and queens of South Africa. 
  • And anyone who wishes to be a step further from your competitor.
  • People who are striving to transform their home from ordinary to extraordinary
  • South African upper class private and government offices
  • Schools that respect quality and have nobility

Proudly made in South Africa.

Who said high-quality and jamming furniture should come from overseas? We broke that myth. The extraordinary furniture we talk about is created in South Africa. And the artist and carpenters that work day and night to produce quality are mostly South Africans. Royal Palace is proudly  South African.

The materials

We use raw materials found in Africa. A variety of these raw materials are found in South Africa. And some of them we export from other African and European countries.

Royal furniture is made from ;

  • exotic and indigenous hard wood 
  • Top-notch textile materials
  • glossy glass
  • And many more.

Our artists

What creates creativity is the hunger to provide different to the community. That is the same with our artists at Royal Palace. They are driven by a unique ardor to express their talents. And the passion to make South Africa shine.

Why choose Royal Palace?

  • Royal Palace offers fast delivery to clients. Our delivery period ranges from 5 to 7 days.
  • Royal Palace offers free delivery of furniture. (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Royal Palace sells affordable furniture. Our prices are economical. We also offer layby for 36 months.
  • Our furniture is 100 percent guaranteed.
  • Royal Palace also offers high-quality furniture that is made from raw materials.

What makes Royal Palace furniture unique?

Our furniture is handmade. It is handmade by the hands that have brains and brains that believe in creativity. Our furniture is durable because it is handmade.

If you are ready to place an order give u a call. Or if you need help in deciding which is best for you then send contact us on 011 568 2400. Or send a WhatsApp text to 081 394 3600. Or send us an email at sales(at)royalpalace.co.za.


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