Furniture Care: How to Protect And Clean Your Wood Furniture

Furniture Care: 3 Ways On How to Protect And Clean Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is an attractive option because it has a refined style and exudes warmth. However, you don’t want to neglect the finishing and protection of your wood furniture. Many people simply enjoy the look and feel of wood furniture without realizing the care that is involved in keeping it that way for as long as possible. Here are 3 furniture care tips that can improve your furniture longevity.

Clean with a damp cloth

Dust and dirt are the enemies of wood and can make it look dull and dingy. One of the best ways to clean wood is to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

A damp cloth is an effective way to clean wooden furniture. Simply wipe down the piece of furniture with a damp cloth, and then dry it with a clean cloth.

A damp cloth is one of the best cleaning methods on your wooden furniture because it won’t cause any damage or discoloration to your furniture.

Water can damage your furniture. Because wood is porous and absorbs water this results in swelling and staining. As a result, after wiping the surface with a damp cloth, dry it with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Always remember
Never allow water to accumulate on wood surface. 
Use coasters under glasses to avoid watermarks, and always place protective plate or saucer beneath flower vases and potted plants to keep moisture in.
Furniture Care: How to Protect And Clean Your Wood Furniture
Cleaning your furniture with a cloth containing ammonia should be avoided. Ammonia damages wooden furniture.

Keep furniture out of direct sunlight.

Wood will often change color if it’s exposed to direct sunlight

Sunlight and extreme heat can cause your wooden furniture to dry out, crack, warp, and in some cases, catch on fire. That’s why it’s important to keep your wooden furniture in a room that’s not near windows or vents and to not place them in direct sunlight.

Furniture Care: How to Protect And Clean Your Wood Furniture

If you’re going to place it in direct sunlight, you can apply a coat of polyurethane to protect it from the UV rays.

Polish Your Wooden Furniture

Contrary to popular belief, wood furniture can be polished. Old wooden furniture can look great again if you clean and polish it.

Why polish your wooden furniture?
  • Polish provides some moisture and scratch resistance. (Frequently used tabletops and other working surfaces require more frequent polishing than infrequently used wood.)
  • Polishing removes dirt and surface smudges.
  • Lastly, it increases the luster of the wooden surfaces.

Furniture Care: How to Protect And Clean Your Wood Furniture


Polish your furniture every few months by using a paste made from equal parts olive oil and beeswax. Apply with a clean cloth and buff off the excess with another clean cloth.

In conclusion, there are several ways on how to protect & clean your wood furniture, and you can choose one that fits you and your lifestyle.

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