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11 Summer Bedroom Designs You Need To Copy

11 Summer Bedroom Designs You Need To Copy

If you are in South Africa, then we are almost in the summer season. Summer seasons usually come with a whole lot of differences, from the food we eat to the dressing we wear and our interior decor designs we need to upgrade, and many more. In this blog post, we are going to be taking a look at 11 summer bedroom designs you need to know as we are approaching ‘the summer season.

Let’s take a look at the designs.Summer Trends 2017: Bedroom Inspiration With Tropical Design

  1. The Greens. We all know that the favorite color for summer is green. Green trees, green lawn. ooh, and the green maize leaves. This bedspread will leave your heart drooling and your eyes popping out. The stuffed foam will keep you warm during those rainy nights. The owner notably added plants to add texture and a natural feel to the home. And I am drooling over that lamp. I wonder where I could get one.

Image credit: Boca Do Lobo

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2. Art. I love how the walls tell a story. There is a palm tree and a boy with a skateboard. Typical summer in Capetown. The wooden walls and the floor make peace exhaling the most beautiful serenity you will ever come across.

Image Credit: Impressive Interior Design 

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3. Grey. Grey in a bedroom will leave your heart-melting. I love the extra layers of rugs and the headboard that fits perfectly with the wall art. Not too many details, but just a Lil bit is enough.

Image credit: Real Homes

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4. Scandinavian Style. I am crushing over this. The Pillowcases are a match with the wall art. The table will give an exotic touch to your room. The wooden headboard and the pedestals complement the room.

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5. Feminine touch. Every piece of this bedroom is graced with a feminine touch. The sleek side cabinet is a must-have. And golden on the bedside lamp brightens the rooms. Not forgetting the pink. Pink! Now, this is what I call summer bedroom design.

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6. Blue chic summer designs. Blue makes your bedroom feel large no matter how small your bedroom is. The blue on the walls is smartly arranged with white a black to give this discerning look.

Image credit: House Beautiful

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7. Mod style. Everything about this room defines luxury and beauty. The beautiful colors selected blend too well. The simple side table, obviously made of metal captures a true resemblance of a summer-designed bedroom. The lamps are all over, great for making your room feel cozy.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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8. Sleek Guest Room. Every piece in this room is attached to another like a puzzle. The flower matches the rug, the ottoman goes well with the headboard, the smooth white walls are connected to the bedspread. I mean everything in this room has something to finish it. I won’t forget the lamp and the vase!

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9. Simple summer designs. If I had the opportunity to choose, I would choose this room. It has a little bit of everything needed in a bedroom. The interior decor is simple, so is the bed. I don’t think sleeping paralysis will ever tempt you!

Image credit: Randi Garret Design


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10. Master Bedroom Summer Makeover. I love the choice of colors. The pink, blue and the yellow. The base bed is brown including chairs, making the room look like a paradise. The painted wall art may seem distant fromm the interior decor, but it is one of the best pieces this room has in stock.

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11. Masculine. The bedroom is an industrial-designed bedroom. But the stylist remembered that its summer and kept the furniture as simple as possible. The wall has a rustic feel and the bed will help you unwind any emotions you had. The bed is in the center of the room. Meaning you can capture anything around the room.

Dear reader, these are the 11 summer bedroom designs. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.

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