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The Best Nightstands A Comparison Of The Best Ones On The Market

The Best Nightstands: A Comparison of 5 Best Ones on the Market

Shopping for a new nightstand can be tough. It seems like there are countless designs, shapes, materials, and price points to choose from. You may even find yourself stuck between two nightstands that are virtually the same. But which one is the best? Here, we’ll break down some of the features of our favorite nightstands on the market today to help you make your decision easier. We hope this post will help you find your perfect nightstand!

Why choose a nightstand?

The purpose of a nightstand is not to sit on, but rather to hold and display your nightstand essentials.

In general, nightstands have more storage and a higher design element, which makes them an excellent décor piece in your room. Nightstands can be helpful to store your reading material, your phone, a mirror, and even jewelry or make-up.

When shopping for a nightstand, the objective is to choose one that has storage capabilities and that is elegant.

The Top Five Nightstands


Cambodia Industrial Nightstand

This wood metal industrial nightstand has a clean and rustic design, perfect for your bedroom. The drawer is solid, crafted from durable wood. For those who prefer things to be real and durable, this nightstand has an industrial look to it that will appeal to many.

Cambodia Industrial Nightstand For Sale Cambodia Industrial Nightstand For Sale

Price: R2 495

Dimension 45 cm L x 40 cm W x 50 cm H

Charlemagne Metal-Based Night Stand

When you first lay eyes on this beautiful blue metal nightstand, you might be tempted to think it’s way too fancy for your bedroom. But you’d be mistaken. This beauty will look right at home in a modern, sophisticated room.

Charlemagne Metal Based NightStand For Sale Charlemagne Metal Based NightStand Royal Palace

Persian Nightstand

If you’re seeking a no-nonsense nightstand that’s solid, well-built, and classic, this Persian nightstand may be right for you. Made from solid hardwood, it has a simple yet elegant design with elegant and modern finishes. I love the subtle etched details on the front, and it is timeless enough to fit into any setting. Best of all, it’s made to hold up to 25 kgs. You’ll never want to move it and will find it just as practical as it is beautiful.

Persian Nightstand Persian Nightstand

Shop Now: R4 495

Chic Study Bed Shelf Nightstand

Looking for a great nightstand for your study space or study desk? Then this chic day bed nightstand might be just the one you’re looking for. It can hold up to 250 pounds, is made of solid walnut wood, and has a brushed nickel finish.

Megiddo Leather Upholstered Cheap Nightstand Open-Drawer Megiddo Leather Upholstered Nightstand For Sale

Mongol Nightstand

Mongol’s gorgeous nightstand combines strong, industrial details with elegant, mid-century designs, and I love how the clean, crisp lines really complement the various materials used. It’s also quite compact at 22 cm wide and 19 cm tall, which makes it super easy to store and take with you on the go.

Mongol Nighstand Mongol Nighstand

Cyrus Nightstand

Our top pick for the best nightstand on the market is the Cyrus Nightstand. With its elegant design, it offers a beautiful way to display your jewelry, photos, and other items. It’s also ergonomically designed to prevent yourself from looking down!

Cyrus Nightstands for sale Cyrus NightStand

4 Things to consider when buying a nightstand


Aesthetics are important because they define the mood and feel of the room. A nightstand should be functional, but it should also match the style of the rest of the room. Design is all about creating a space that is both practical and beautiful. You might find it helpful to use a nightstand to match your color scheme, which will make it easier to create a


Knowing your budget before you buy a nightstand is very crucial. You wouldn’t want to spend a couple of thousand on a single piece of furniture that will last you five years.


Some nightstands have very different dimensions than others. The most basic ones will come in relatively small sizes and are able to fit under in your bedroom furniture. However, this depends on the room you have. But I would say, the smaller the room, the smaller the nightstand.


Many of the nightstands on our list come with a solid year of warranty. However, when shopping for the best nightstand check the warranty. Buy a nightstand that has at least 1 year or more of warranty years


The material on nightstands can make a huge difference. Metal, for example, is durable and can last up to 8 years, while plastics have a shorter life span and they easily change their states esp. subjected to weather elements.

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