Trend Forecast 2022 Wall Colors Of The Year

Trend Forecast: 2022 Wall Colors of The Year

Ready to have a complete makeover of your home but do you don’t have ideas? You might want to consider painting your walls first. Changing your wall color can change the texture and the complete feel of the room. In this blog post, we are going to look at 7 colors that will be popular in 2022.

So let’s get to it.

Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze Color
Urbane Bronze is a darkish color that can make you fall in love with your home in an instant. The urbane bronze color has significant deep brown undertones in it. The color usually goes along with white, modern gray, Ivoire, and more.

The color is naturally a warm and earthy color.

This color will trend as it gives a compelling yet warm look on interior walls.

Suggested* to be painted in a bedroom.

Pale apricot

Pale Apricot Color
Pale apricot is a light, whitened orange color. Dunn-Edwards says, ‘Pale Apricot color is a light, whitened orange hue and part of our Oranges collection.’

The pale apricot usually goes along with green or any other shady color. The wall color is usually in lounge rooms as it is relaxed and simple wall color.

The Pale Apricot is already trending but will trend more in 2022 as people desire a calm space, a place easy to redo.

Suggested* used in a longe room.

Kalahari Sunset

kalahari Sunset Color
If energy was a color, then it will definitely be the Kalahari Sunset. The color creates a vibrant atmosphere yet collectively remains relevant to all that is in the room.

Kalahari Sunset Color is a part of the Red color but in a more sophisticated manner.

The color usually goes well with any color except dark colors.

The color will be popular and best for pollyannas.

Suggested* goes too well in a dining room.

Maple Haze

Maple Haze Color
The Maple leaf is controversial yet dominant wall color. The Maple wall color is inviting yet it expels negative energy. The mystery behind its controversy is unlocked only when you paint your walls with it!

The color goes too well with white. And green too.

Suggested* ideal on verandas

Brown Color

Brown Color
Brown color means serenity. Brown Color creates a warm and secure ambiance. Though it’s a 90s trend.

The brown color is a perfect mix with white.

Suggested* lounge room


Green Gray Color
Where would be the interior without a green? Gray-green is a modern twist of the gray color.

Wikipedia says,’ Xanadu. The color “Xanadu” is a greenish-gray color whose name is derived from the Philodendron.

This color is for people who are adventurous, who love thrill and risk yet enjoy experiments.

Though the color is pigmented such that the green won’t look like our normal green, the gray-green color.

Chartreuse Color

Chartreuse Color
The uniqueness will have it trending in 2022. The confusion of whether green or yellow will keep your visitor’s hearts bleeding, hence you should paint this color in your lounge room.

It is a heart-capturing color that will automatically make your home feel comfortable.

The color goes well with white.


Aegean Teal

aegean teal

Aegean Teal is blue-green paint color. It is cool paint color. Aegean Teal evokes a feeling of calm, relaxation, and reflection, and for colors trending in 2022, Aegean Teal is no exception.
The sophistication of Aegean teal mixes well with a bland color which is often grey. Some of the top colors that go with Aegean teal are black, yellow, and red.
Dear reader, I hope this blog gave you the perfect color you should paint. If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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