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5 Ways to Use Furniture Pedestals to Style Your Home

Recently, more and more folks have been exploring the contemporary styling of furniture pedestals. You can find furniture pedestals in both artistic and functional applications in a range of styles. The evolution of what pedestal style means is constantly changing, with innovative designers coming up with new ways to use pedestal tables.

Pedestals are an excellent way to add height, visual interest, and even a place to rest your drink. If you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive way to style your home, consider adding pedestals in your home.

Now before we go in-depth, let’s take a look at 5 ways to use furniture pedestals.

Add Height in the Rear Rooms

Furniture pedestals are capable of adding height to your bedrooms. You can place the pedestals on the bedside tables or you can also place them on the floor. The floor pedestals are usually of greater height as compared to the bedside pedestals. The height of the pedestal also depends on the height of the bed.

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Use Them to Make a Statement

One of the best ways to use pedestals is to create a dramatic effect. Most furniture pedestals can be used to create an interesting display. For example, you can use a pedestal to elevate your glassware and serve drinks to your guests in style.

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Furniture Pedestals for Extra Storage

You’ve probably never thought of furniture pedestals as a great way to add storage to your room, but they are! Pedestals are a great way to add some extra storage or display space to your room. They are the perfect way to keep your room looking clean and tidy. And if you’ve got a small bedroom, adding a furniture pedestal will make a huge difference.

Another option is to use a furniture pedestal in the center of your room. It’s basically height-adjustable table legs that have a flat top that you can put a piece of furniture on. It’s a great way to make use of floor space that would otherwise go unused.

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Using A Pedestal As A Drink Station

Instead of having a bunch of coffee tables around your room, why not use pedestals to create a drink station?

Using a pedestal as a drink/coffee station is a tremendous idea. It is quite easy to do, and it is a much more interesting alternative than having coffee, tea, or drinks on the floor.

Display Statues and Decorations

Furniture pedestals are capable of displaying statues and decorations. They can also display different items in a room, like books and other knickknacks. 

Furniture pedestals come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and shapes, and they can be used to display a wide variety of items. Some pedestals come with slots for displaying items like vases and statues. Others can be used to hold decor items like candles, vases, and flower arrangements.

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Choose the Right Pedestal for the Right Style of Furniture

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when decorating is not having the right furniture for the right environment. When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you make the right choices.

One of the first things to consider when it comes to selecting a pedestal for your furniture is the style of the furniture itself. If the furniture is made from rich, dark wood, then the pedestal should also be made from rich, dark wood. The pedestal should also be in proportion with the furniture.

It’s important to choose the right pedestal for the right style of furniture. For example, if you have a traditional style of furniture and you want to keep the traditional feel, then you can use a pedestal to hold the lamp.

The height of the pedestal you choose will depend on the style of furniture you have. For example, pedestals for art deco furniture must be lower, while pedestals for Scandinavian furniture must be higher.

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